juli 2014

Leather Love

Im deeply in love with this jacket! Its the perfect leather jacket,
and can be worn almost the whole year around.

With a thick sweater underneath and a scarf wrapped
around your neck, it will even get you through the winter.

Not that Im not enjoying these amazing summerdays weve been having,
but this jacket actually makes me excited for fall and winter as well :)

Have a good week!

- R

Jacket: BLK Denim
Pants: Michael Kors
Shoes: New Balance
Necklaces: Tom Wood

Fifty shades of black

Black works just as good in the summer as it does the rest of the year. Its classy, sexy and always a winner!
This might be a little too warm for the temperatures weve been experiencing the last weeks, but a little autumn inspiration never hurt nobody :)

Have lovely weekend!

- K

Leather jacket - Diesel
Shirt - Tiger of Sweden
Trousers - Samse Samse

Shaving like a gentleman

Shaving for me is a weekly ritual that makes me feel more like a man, and it is far less expensive than buying disposable shaving products.
In this post I will give some quick advise on why you should shave the old fashion way.


Traditional shaving is not as common as it once was. For some reason, it has become a lost art.
Todays average male has no idea about the fine art of traditional wet shave, which their grandfathers, and their fathers, used to take part in.
Instead we buy disposable shaving products, and contribute to increase the environmental issues.

Why I like to shave "like a gentleman".

Throw away cheap disposable razors and invest in a proper razor that last for decades.
The feeling of holding a heavy metal razor is far better than a plastic one, and in the long term youre saving your money and the environment.

I choose from a variety of different blades. Each blade has a unique sharpness and cutting ability.
Unlike a pack of Gilett Mack3 blades that can cost up to 250 NOK, a10-pack of single shaving blades can cost up to 55NOK and will last far longer.

This is one of my favorite tools.
When Im using a brush to lather up, it helps to get the shaving cream up under each whisker, which gives a better shaving result.
It also feels much better on the skin to lather up by using a brush.

Soap and cream
Traditional shaving creams and soaps are full of natural ingredients that nourish your face and leave you smelling like a gent.
These high-quality creams and soaps may cost more than the can-stuff most men buy and use, but just a dab will create enough lather for you to only lather up twice.
Theyll also last much longer than can-products.

Pre shave oil

Shaving soap

Aftershave balm

I dont expect you to jump right on to this, but I hope this was enough to trigger your interest.
Believe me when I say that shaving is a whole different experience, when going back to the basics.

For more information about shaving, please visitBarbershop.no

- K