mars 2014

Roughly Elegant

Who said that a tie only can be used in combonation with a suit?
In my opinion a tie is just another accessory, which can be used to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.
Personally, I love biker inspired jackets, because it makes any formal outfit a bit tougher.




Have a great Thursday!

- K 

Jacket: Belstaff
Shirt: Eton
Tie: Altea
Sunshades: Rayban
Leather bracelet: Eton 

Outfit can be purchased at Follestad Trend - Akersgaten 28 Oslo/Norway

Laidback Tuesday










Coat: Lindex Extended
T-shirt: Lindex
Pants: Lindex Extended
Shoes: New Balance
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bag: Lindex Extended
Necklace: Lindex 

Launch of Ricco Vero F/W ´14 collection

We were lucky to attend a lovely breakfast event this Wednesday,
for the showing of Ricco Vero´s F/W´14 collection, at their showroom in Oslo. 

The collection has many great pieces to offer, both for women
and men, absolutely something to look forward to!

Here is a sneakpeak of the collection and some pictures from the event:




My absolute favourite from the womens collection, is this grey coat.
Both the fit and the fabric is great! You´ll definitely
be seeing me in this one next fall. 



Have a lovely weekend!

 - R

Men´s Accessories

Men tend to complain that they do not have as many accessories to dress up with, in the same way as women. And that´s true, but it does not necessarily mean that we should not use them at all.
We have the ability to use accessories such as handkerchiefs, scarfs, cufflinks, bracelets, rings and much more.
Be better at applying these accessories, because that is precisely what separates you from the rest.

Have a lovely Thursday!

- K

Linen Jacket: Boss
Shirt: Eton
Brown bracelet: Orian
Black bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Shades: Rayban 
Handkerchiefs: Altea
Shoes: Magnanni
Scarf: Morris of Sweden
Cufflinks: Profuomo

Outfit can be purchased at Follestad Trend - Akersgaten 28 Oslo/Norway

Comfortably Classy

Who said you can´t be classy and elegant, and at the same time comfortable?
Pairing up a blouse with a pair of loose fitting pants can be as elegant as a tight dress,
as long as the fabric and fit is right. 

- R






Shoes: Acne 
Trousers: Marc Jacobs
Jacket: Marc Jacobs
Blouse: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet:  Halcyon Days
Bracelet: Marc Jacobs 

(The outfit is available at Marc Jacobs Flagship Store at Øvre Slottsgate 18-20 Oslo/Norway)