Inspiration for 17th of May


I love 17.th of May! Here is some inspiration on what to wear for those of you who don´t have a bunad :) 


- R


The whole outfit is from Tiger of Sweden 

spring mood






Scarf - Creative Collective
Sweater - Samsøe
Belt - Tiger of Sweden
Skirt - Baum und pferdgarten 
Shoes - M.A.M.B  

those silver shoes

Loving these silver shoes from M.A.M.B!

I´m sure they will be one of my most faithful companions this spring and summer :)





Sweater - by malene birger
Dress - Maison Scotch 
Shoes - M.A.M.B

Spring Outfit


Cardigan: Samsøe
Blouse: Baum und pferdgarten 
Pants: by malene birger
Bag: by malene birger
Shoes: New balance 


Alle klærne er tilgjengelige hos Høyer Grimstad 


We didn´t get much snow this winter, here in the south of Norway, but that doesn´t stop me from longing for Spring! You can already feel the days getting longer and lighter, and I love the feeling of my sneakers against the bare ground! 


- R 




Coat: Lindex 
Sweater: Tiger of Sweden
Jeans: Samsøe
Shoes: Din Sko  

An Autumn Favourite

The camel coat never goes out of style. I bought mine years ago, and still use it every year!

Absolutely one of my favourites :) 


- R




Coat: Zara
Sweater: Mango
Pants: Acne
Boots: Acne  

Autumn Look

It´s been a long and magnificent summer! But it´s coming to an end, and to be honest I´m ready for

colder weather, where I can wear my coats and boots, and not to mention my beloved scarfs! 


- R


Coat: Zara
Boots: Acne
Pants: Lindex

The Ivy League Look

Jacket: Tiger Of Sweden
Shirt: Eton
Tie: Amanda Christiensen
Bracelet: Carattere

Leather Love

I´m deeply in love with this jacket! It´s the perfect leather jacket,
and can be worn almost the whole year around. 

With a thick sweater underneath and a scarf wrapped
around your neck, it will even get you through the winter.  

Not that I´m not enjoying these amazing summerdays we´ve been having,
but this jacket actually makes me excited for fall and winter as well :) 


Have a good week! 


- R


Jacket: BLK Denim
Pants: Michael Kors
Shoes: New Balance
Necklaces: Tom Wood  

Fifty shades of black

Black works just as good in the summer as it does the rest of the year. It´s classy, sexy and always a winner!
This might be a little too warm for the temperatures we´ve been experiencing the last weeks, but a little autumn inspiration never hurt nobody :) 

Have lovely weekend!

- K

Leather jacket - Diesel
Shirt - Tiger of Sweden
Trousers - Samsøe Samsøe 

sweet summer roses

Jacket: Lindex
T-shirt: Maison Scotch
Skirt: Lindex
Shoes: Din Sko 

From Grimstad with love

Blazer - J.Lindeberg
Sweather - J.Lindeberg
Shirt - J.Lindeberg
Tie - Luca Moretti
Trousers - Tiger Of Sweden

Pitti Uomo´86

As I promised, here are some pictures from Pitti Uomo. This is for those of you who really
want to take your style to the next level, or for those who are just looking for a little inspiration on
how to dress more characteristic. These guys really know how to play with colors! 

For those who do not know what Pitti Uomo is, I can tell you that it is the world's largest trade fair
for menswear. It´s being held twice a year (spring/summer & fall/winter) in Florence, Italy. 

Men from all over the world who operates within fashion (retailers, agents, suppliers etc) are all gathered
here to do business, to inspire and be inspired. You will also find some of the world's greatest street-fashion 
photographers (Tommy Ton - GQ/jak&jil, Scott Schuman - The Satorialist) who take
pictures of these men to various blogs and magazines. 

This is some of what I've managed to capture on camera while I've been here.
A couple of these men are actually Norwegians, can you guess who? 

Let yourself be inspired!

(Source: Vogue Italia)

(Source: Style.com)

Summer in the city

Summer is finally here!

I can´t even begin to describe how good it feels being
able to throw on a pair of shorts and a top, and be good to go!



Top: Lindex 
Cardigan: Lindex
Shorts: Levi´s 501 cutoffs
Sandals: Lindex
Necklace: Thomas Sabo  

When In Cannes

When in Cannes during the film festival, you need to keep a certain standard to be able to
outshine the glamorous celebrities. A simple color combination, a white shirt and
a couple of classy shades accentuates the French riviera style.  

Au revoir!

- K 


Suit: Boss
Shirt: Eton
Sunshades: Rayban
Hankiechief: A.Christensen
Bracelet (from top): Orian, Eton, Thomas Sabo
Shoes: J.Lindeberg

Spring Fever

Each year, when spring finally arrives, I always feel like I´ve been reborn. The feeling of sun against my skin, breathing in the smell of nature and fresh air, wakes me up from hibernation. Such a great feeling, and such a lovely time of year! What´s also great, is that higher temperatures and longer days, means less clothes :) Even if it´s  still a bit chilly outside, I can finally mix in a crop top in my outfits! 

Jacket: Vintage
Crop top: Zara
Cardigan: Lindex
Jeans: Acne
Sunglasses: Quay  

Easter Post

I hope you all had a great Easter! Back to our daily routines. 

- K 

Jacket: Woolrich
Sunshades: Rayban

The Turtleneck

I think most people associate turtlenecks with winter, but it has multiple uses than just as a warming garment. A turtleneck provides a simple yet sophisticated expression without being too formal or embellished. Here´s an idea of ​​how it can be used.

Have a lovely Easter holiday!

- K

Jacket: Follestad 1923
Shades: Persol 
Hankiechief: A. Christensen
Turtleneck: H&M
Pants: Boss Black
Shoes: Magnanni 

Spring look

Now that spring is on it´s way, I can finally put on my favorite jacket!
Enjoy people! 

- K

Jacket: Belstaff
Sweater: Lacrosse
Tie: Atelier
Shirt: Brunelli

Sporty Chic

I love fashion, and I love dressing up. But as previously stated, I also love being comfortable! That makes me a huge fan of the sneakers trend that is spreading worldwide these days, and the secret to the "sporty chic" -style  is pairing your sneakers up with other elements that are not as sporty. Mixing elements that are classy, trendy and sporty is what makes this look so cool and what really makes you stand out in a crowd!  

Jacket: Lindex
Shirt: Lindex
Cardigan: Lindex
Pants: Lindex
Shoes: Nike
Backpack: Bianco 

Roughly Elegant

Who said that a tie only can be used in combonation with a suit?
In my opinion a tie is just another accessory, which can be used to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.
Personally, I love biker inspired jackets, because it makes any formal outfit a bit tougher.




Have a great Thursday!

- K 

Jacket: Belstaff
Shirt: Eton
Tie: Altea
Sunshades: Rayban
Leather bracelet: Eton 

Outfit can be purchased at Follestad Trend - Akersgaten 28 Oslo/Norway

Laidback Tuesday










Coat: Lindex Extended
T-shirt: Lindex
Pants: Lindex Extended
Shoes: New Balance
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bag: Lindex Extended
Necklace: Lindex 

Men´s Accessories

Men tend to complain that they do not have as many accessories to dress up with, in the same way as women. And that´s true, but it does not necessarily mean that we should not use them at all.
We have the ability to use accessories such as handkerchiefs, scarfs, cufflinks, bracelets, rings and much more.
Be better at applying these accessories, because that is precisely what separates you from the rest.

Have a lovely Thursday!

- K

Linen Jacket: Boss
Shirt: Eton
Brown bracelet: Orian
Black bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Shades: Rayban 
Handkerchiefs: Altea
Shoes: Magnanni
Scarf: Morris of Sweden
Cufflinks: Profuomo

Outfit can be purchased at Follestad Trend - Akersgaten 28 Oslo/Norway

Comfortably Classy

Who said you can´t be classy and elegant, and at the same time comfortable?
Pairing up a blouse with a pair of loose fitting pants can be as elegant as a tight dress,
as long as the fabric and fit is right. 

- R






Shoes: Acne 
Trousers: Marc Jacobs
Jacket: Marc Jacobs
Blouse: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet:  Halcyon Days
Bracelet: Marc Jacobs 

(The outfit is available at Marc Jacobs Flagship Store at Øvre Slottsgate 18-20 Oslo/Norway) 

Blue friday


Shirt: Eton
Tie: Manzini
Leather bracelet: Orian
Belt: Valenti

The Uber




Jacket: Uber (Regulator City Parka) 
Vest: Gerts 
Tie: Altea
Shirt: Eton
Gloves: Ciano

The camel coat




Coat: Zara
Sweater: Gina Tricot
Shirt: Lindex
Shoes: Acne
Gloves: Lindex
Purse: Michael Kors


Early Spring in Portugal



Jacket: Morris
Shirt: Eton
Tie: Eton
Hankiechief: A. Christensen
Sweather: Gran Sasso
Pants: Boss
Gloves: Ciano
Shoes: Magnanni


Travel in style




Overcoat: Boss
Shirt: Eton
Tie: Altea
Cashmere scarf: My Alter Ego
Pants: Lacrosse
Leather bracelet: Skultuna
Trolley: Mark/Giusti

Rockin' with J.L







Jacket: J.Lindeberg
Scarf: J.Lindeberg
Glowes: Lindex 
Jeans: Replay
Shoes: Acne 

Dapper biker outfit




Leather Jacket: Sfera
Shirt: Eton
Tie: Altea
Leather gloves: Ciano

Fall outfit






Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sweater: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Pants: H&M

All Marc Jacobs items are from the flagship store located at Øvre Slottsgate 20 in Oslo, Norway.

The Tweed Jacket






Jacket: Follestad 1923
Tie: Boss
Shirt: Eton
Sweater: Lacrosse
Leather gloves: Ciano
Leather bracelet: Skultuna

A walk in the park




Bag: Marc by Marc Jacbos
Sweather: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Acne

All Marc Jacobs items are from the flagship store located at Øvre Slottsgate 20 in Oslo, Norway.

A beam of light





Jacket by Justin Sampo. 

Justin Sampo - Leather design




This amazing jacket is designed by Justin Sampo, an up and coming norwegian designer.



Jacket: Vintage
Scarf: Kashmina
Shades: Rayban