Launch of Ricco Vero F/W ´14 collection

We were lucky to attend a lovely breakfast event this Wednesday,
for the showing of Ricco Vero´s F/W´14 collection, at their showroom in Oslo. 

The collection has many great pieces to offer, both for women
and men, absolutely something to look forward to!

Here is a sneakpeak of the collection and some pictures from the event:




My absolute favourite from the womens collection, is this grey coat.
Both the fit and the fabric is great! You´ll definitely
be seeing me in this one next fall. 



Have a lovely weekend!

 - R


We had the pleasure of being invited to restaurant "Eik" by Vichy for the pre-announcement of their new product Liftactiv advanced filler (Pure retunol + LR2412).  

Their new product is based on the removal of deep vertical wrinkles, which helps give you a healthier, younger and more happy appearance. I for one can agree that worrying about getting old and wrinkly, sometimes worries me. With this product, Vichy wants to help you age without looking stressed out and depressed. 

If you want to try out their new application, which helps you decide what products are suitable for you, click here and use this campaign code: PRNO

We took some pictures of the lovely event, which can be seen in the picture slide below.