spring mood

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Scarf - Creative Collective
Sweater - Samsøe
Belt - Tiger of Sweden
Skirt - Baum und pferdgarten 
Shoes - M.A.M.B  

Clarisonic Aria

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Okey, I´ll be completely honest.
I, like most men, rarely wash my face with anything other than water. I don´t care a lot about skin care or having a skin routine, like most women do. 
I was therefore a little sceptic when I received Clarisonic in the mail last week.

But I tested it and I have to say I really like what it did to my skin! After using it for 1 week, my skin is so much smoother and cleaner than usual. What´s special about Clarisonic is that it uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing or simple rotating brushes. It also cleans your skin 6 times better than with your hands alone. 

I just wanted to say thanks to Clarisonic and remind you gents to try something new once in a while, it may be a pleasant surprise ;)

- K

Sponset innlegg

those silver shoes

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Loving these silver shoes from M.A.M.B!

I´m sure they will be one of my most faithful companions this spring and summer :)





Sweater - by malene birger
Dress - Maison Scotch 
Shoes - M.A.M.B

Spring Outfit

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Cardigan: Samsøe
Blouse: Baum und pferdgarten 
Pants: by malene birger
Bag: by malene birger
Shoes: New balance 


Alle klærne er tilgjengelige hos Høyer Grimstad 


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We didn´t get much snow this winter, here in the south of Norway, but that doesn´t stop me from longing for Spring! You can already feel the days getting longer and lighter, and I love the feeling of my sneakers against the bare ground! 


- R 




Coat: Lindex 
Sweater: Tiger of Sweden
Jeans: Samsøe
Shoes: Din Sko  

Weekends forever

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Maybe it is the memories, 
the change of pace that brings us there.

The sense of vacation. 
Maybe the smell of the place, 
the sights of the gulls, the dunes, the grasses.

But oh it is the feel of it, 
the crunch and slide of it, 
the feeling of beach sand.

So different from dirt, soil, loam. 
No, not earthy, moist, rich, 
but oh so granular and gritty.

Even when wet. 
Moveable paper spreading under toes, 
sliding beneath the soles 
smoothing my skin, 
clearing my mind, 
unburdening me of the rest. 
Drawing me to the tactile, the feel 
of beach sand.

- Raymond A. Foss

Have a great weekend!

Cast Away

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Already missing the endless beaches of Bahamas.

The feeling of sand under my feet and the wind against my skin.

Having time to read that book, relax and just let my mind go.


Bahamas, we´ll meet again <3 



Top: American Apparel
Bikini bottom: Calzedonia